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Så kom de to resculptsene til Protektoratet:

Protectorate Warcaster The High Reclaimer

The divine power of Menoth flows without effort through the High Reclaimer as he sends forth clouds of burning ash and causes the unworthy to burst into flame. These unfaithful are consumed with brutal agony before their lives are snuffed out and their souls sent to Urcaen. One crushing blow from his great weapon Cremator smashes torsos, rends warjack armor, and ignites anything it does not immediately demolish. No one is safe from reclamation at his hands.

Protectorate Warcaster Feora, Priestess of the Flame

For years the Priestess of the Flame has been preparing her temple for war; she was instrumental in reshaping the Temple Flameguard into a true fighting force. A devoted, ambitious, and intense woman, Feora leads from the front, entering the fray with righteous satisfaction to lay the purification of flame upon the wicked. At such times, Menoth answers her prayers with his holy fire.

Jeg må innrømme at jeg ikke er voldsomt imponert over den nye Feora, men siden den gamle nok er en av PP's mer mislykkede warcaster sculpts skal jeg nok ha henne læll...den gamle har stått på hylla, med grunnfarger på, i to år og jeg har aldri giddet å male henne ferdig da hun er utrolig kjedelig.
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