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Gammel 16/07-2013, 10:51
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Standard The Iron Moot

The last weekend of November 2013 will host the biggest Warmachine and Hordes convention the north has ever seen. This is the tournament to decide once and for all who is the baddest of the bad, hardest of the hard and just who among the Vikings that has the best pewter in the North!

This will be the biggest set of tournaments ever in Scandinavia and it will draw the best players from the Nordic Countries and beyond. It will be the culmination of a year worth of qualifying events throughout the four major Nordic countries. The Moot will feature four different “last chance qualifiers” during the weekend, the winner of each qualifying to the Nordic Invitational on Sunday, where the Nordic Invitational Master will be crowned.
One of our qualifying tournaments will also be an official Iron Gauntlet Qualifier
Of course, non-Nordic players are also welcome to compete. Do you think you can beat us at our home court?
For more information, visit the Iron Moot homepage:


Be sure to check the homepage regularly as it will be updated with information about how to register for events, where one can stay during the weekend as well as other useful information and tips.

- The Iron Moot committee

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