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Gammel 20/06-2019, 15:28
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Standard Bets on the outcome.

Bets on the outcome.
Bets on the outcome of the 1x2 exhibition on the outcome are the most favorite for the fans. Significant amounts of bets are made on the outcomes of matches. The chances of teams to win affect other betting markets, so the betting markets of the form win-draw-win can be called the basis of the betting line. It is not surprising that they are available in any bookmaker.

In bookmakers markets bets on the outcome usually have the following form:

1 – victory of the first athlete (first team)
X – draw
2 – victory of the second athlete (second team)
If the sport or sporting event does not involve a draw, the bets on the outcome have the form 1-2.

BC PinUp gives the following coefficients on the outcomes of the matches of the next round of the RPL:

Coefficients in PinUp

We'll bet $ 100 on a draw in the match.
The coefficient for this event is 3.28.
If the match ends with a draw, our winnings will be $ 328.
If you win any of the teams we lose $ 100.

High limit.
Since a large amount of bets is made on the main outcomes of the game, bookmakers allow you to make very large bets on such markets.
Wide variations of rates.
Betting on such markets can be done not only by residents. Any market outcomes can be concluded in Express or in the system. Many other betting markets prohibit bookmakers from adding to the multiples.
High coefficient.
The lowest margin in bookmakers is usually in the markets of bets on the main outcomes and totals. If you play in the largest offices and bet only on matches of popular leagues, the betting margin will be only 1-3%.
A lot of statistical data for analysis.
In the open access you can find a lot of information about the results of previous games of teams and athletes.
Some advice
Don't bet on clear favorites.
If the coefficient of one team's victory is below 1.30, it makes no sense to bet on it. Players usually overestimate favourites, so the bookies lower the odds on their victory;
Don't bet on obvious outsiders.
Despite the fact that outsiders from time to time to win and often pass values between 5.00 and higher, the stakes are impractical. Margin in such betting markets can even exceed 10%.
Read the rules of the offices where you bet.
Some of the offices accept bets based on extra time or overtime, while others take into account only the main time.
Winning and losing series may be delayed.
Teams can produce a series of 10 or more matches with the same outcome. If you play Dogon on such series, you can lose all your money.
Rates of the type 1-X-2 are one of the simplest and most convenient. They are used by both professional handicapers and beginners in the world of betting. It is best to bet on the outcomes in those offices where the margin is minimal.
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Gammel 22/06-2019, 16:20
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Standard Sv: Bets on the outcome.

Despite the diversity of bets, a significant part of them is committed to outcomes. For players, such bets are the most simple and clear, whereas for the bookmakers they bring the main income.
For team sports, in most cases, there are three outcomes. The game can end with the victory of one of the participants or a draw. It should be noted that for example for a basketball game the probability of a draw is minimal.
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Gammel 23/06-2019, 09:34
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Standard Sv: Bets on the outcome.

Thematic resources, of which divorced in abundance on the Internet, literally dazzle with themes about the so-called “bookmaker tyranny”, and a certain part of this kind of institutions positions itself only as elite gambling establishments. In general, methods of cheating customers developed an incredible amount. But regardless of their organization and scale, negative impressions and a certain “sediment” remains with the injured party, and it is very difficult to make amends for it.
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Gammel 28/06-2019, 06:58
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Standard Sv: Bets on the outcome.

With the development of the Internet, the vast majority of BCs moved their work to the world wide web, which made the game easier, made it more accessible for inexperienced users. Many players, especially beginners, ask themselves this question: "How to bet in the bookmaker office?". The advice of numerous “experts” who offer a lot of money to use their “superstrategies” are designed mainly for gullible newbies and do not guarantee success.
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Gammel 28/06-2019, 07:15
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Gigimon Gigimon er offline

Standard Sv: Bets on the outcome.

You can try to figure out how to beat the bookmaker. Tips, secrets at least partially can help. Let's start with the fact that professionals believe that the winning completion of a bet depends little on super secret strategies, and more often on how the player observes specific rules of the game.
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